A Handful of Horror –

Short Horror Poems to Deceive and Daunt

By Audrey R

Sweet Tooth

Caramel eyes and hair bittersweet

Cinnamon dotted surface, a decadent treat

Sherbert sugar lips pulled open in a smile

Candy-cotton cheeks splattered with un-fragrant bile

Buttercream skin drenched in cherry juice

A seldom-used object, spun-sugar noose

Rock candy to bludgeon, licorice to choke

Sugar shard at the ready when she eventually woke

Caramel topping, bittersweet lace

Cinnamon dotted frosting with sherbert taste

Candy Cotton buttercream icing underneath

Cherry juice filling oozing over your teeth

Decadent cake, sinful-sweet as can be

Yes, quite delicious, what’s your recipe?

Teapot Trouble

Light the stove and poke the pot

Pouring tea, yes, never stop!

Fill my cup up to the brim

Pitch-black liquid held within

Is that sugar? Bring it here!

Just one stir, it disappears

Hold on now, I’m feeling a tad ill

That teapot whistle seems quite shrill

Face is blue, tongue is out

Neck is curved up like a spout

Choking noise, whispered plea

That definitely wasn’t tea


Hush little baby, don’t say a word

Or Mama might question the noise she heard

And if your Mama thinks she’s heard footsteps near

Mama might be in need of just a touch of fear

So when Mama moves her pretty self downstairs

Daddy might be waiting to take her unawares

And if she shouts and begs and screams

Daddy’s going to have to go to a few extremes

And when the cops go and search the house

No one’s gonna question an absent spouse

And when you just have Daddy around

You’ll still be the sweetest little babe in town

Pumpkin Smile

It was October cold, and the sky was gray

When little Bobby Brown, a curious wee lad

Went on a car trip down south with his mom and dad

Momma and Daddy called him away

But our little Bobby Brown was raring to play

So he wandered himself to the pumpkin patch

And came face-to-face with the Pumpkin Man

Bobby Brown was a brave little boy, he was not afraid

He turned and said to the looming orange figure

“Why are you so galdarned round?”

The Pumpkin Man gave a sharp cruel laugh of spite

Then told the boy it was due to his appetite

The boy’s eyes went wide and he looked around

Then our Pumpkin Man got a wee bit bigger

About the Author

Born in Oakland, California, Audrey R is a writer, reader, student, and purveyor of hand-sewn oddities. She claims to have been inspired by classic horror novels and Dr. Seuss.

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