A Wild Adventure 

By Estrella L & Calixtro C

Elijah sat in the first row of his private plane ready for his business trip in LA. The meeting took far longer than he had expected and Elijah decided to go snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean with his fancy new gear that is way more advanced than regular snorkeling gear because it can hold more oxygen. We also can’t forget his fancy yacht. 

On the other hand Coral is finding new ways of entertainment so that he and his friends can have fun. Coral lives in a Fantasy Ocean where everything that lives there does not exist in the world where Elijah comes from and the only way to get there is through a portal at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. 

While Coral is exploring he is getting farther and farther from the village and closer to the portal but he does not notice how far he’s gone. The next thing Coral knows is that he is watching a giant creature go through the portal and into Fantasy Ocean. Coral’s tentacles paralize in fear while the creature swims closer and closer to him. 10 seconds pass and when Coral gets back to his senses he realizes he is in the creature’s hands and that he made the creature glow. 

Elijah was stunned and surprised he was glowing because of two main things, one he had just gone through a portal and two he was glowing because he touched a jellyfish. When Elijah realized what he had just discovered he knew that he had to keep the portal a secret and take the new type of jellyfish back with him so that he could auction it off and become even richer. 

When they got back to Elijah’s yacht he put coral into a flower vase and drove back to land. Once they reached land Elijah drove them to the airport so that he could return to Singapore and study Coral so that he could sell him for a lot of money. 

On the flight back to Singapore Elijah placed Coral next to him so that he could observe Coral. Half way through the flight Elijah started to hear mumbling and thought it was the pilot. As time passed the mumbling became more and more clear and he realized it was Coral telling him to let him go. Elijah was freaked out but intrigued because the jellyfish he captured could speak and that meant that this jellyfish could make him a lot of money. 

Elijah started talking to the jellyfish telling him that he was going to sell him, but Coral told Elijah that if he let him go Coral would give Elijah two flowers that only grow in Fantasy Ocean and that way Elijah would make money even if he let Coral go. After a little convincing Elijah agreed so they were on their way back to LA. Once they were on the yacht ready to jump off they said goodbye.

Once they were in the water Elijah followed Coral through the portal, collected his flowers and left. 

After Elijah left Coral moved the portal to the Arctic Ocean and went to tell the village what had happened to him.

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