An Exciting Summer with a Family Adventure

By Nishka G

A trip to a National Park called Crater Lake,

 It’s a long ride in the car,

But still I cannot wait.

This will be so much fun,

We pack our suitcases and bags,

Then under the bright morning sun,

We load them into the trunk at the back.

We set off to Klamath Falls,

The place we are supposed to stay,

We have a house so big and tall,

Where we can work and play.

On the exciting ride,

So many sites I get to see,

Burnt forests, lakes, and Mount Shasta covered in snow and ice,

I have to say, lucky me.

On seeing our vacation home,

  I could feel the long drive for this was totally fair,

I was astonished at the chandelier and the wooden dome,

I got even more excited when I saw the stairs.

It was the day to visit Crater Lake,

A lake formed by a volcano a long time ago,

I was so excited to see the place that I knew would be so beautiful.

At Crater Lake, it was an honor to earn a gold ranger badge,

And receive a green ranger’s jacket too,

Officially being called a Junior Ranger and having a big responsibility in my hands,

I was certain I could take care of Crater Lake’s animals and land.

 After our walk at the lake,

We were all famished,

My grandparents stayed with me to keep me safe,

My parents went for food, and amongst the crowd, vanished.

I wanted to see the lake up close,

So I asked my grandma to take me down some stairs,

Once we were down my grandma took a picture and I made a pose,

Then we took an ussie[1] of us in a pair.

Finally, we all sat down,

And ate and ate and ate,

I loved the egg sandwich with crust so brown,

And when we went to play in the snow, it was late.

Still, we climbed a steep mountain with me in the lead,

My grandpa and I made a snowman so small,

Then we made snowballs from the cold, white snow-sheet,

And we threw them on all.

On this trip, I got to see my little cousins, 

We played a lot,

And sometimes we fought.

Spending time together on hikes, 

We had heaps of fun,

We saw many amazing sites,

And we laughed and talked under the bright sun.

I loved the exciting trip we had,

I got to meet some of my family,

A family trip, after a long time,

This was my dream, and it finally happened, Yay!

[1]   Ussie: A selfie taken by 2 or more people (a picture of us rather than self)

About the Author

Nishka is 7 years old. She loves to read and write. Sharing her poems and stories with others makes her happy.

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