By Isabella F

On Lullwater Street, a girl with black shining hair wearing headphones happily roller skated down the road. She skated to the park down the street and continued to do her daily rounds around the park. She was a charming 13-year-old girl, always bright in every situation. Her name was Celeste. Celeste lived in a house down the street with her parents and her white, fluffy bunny named Fluff who was a female. Celeste is very smart. She could think of any solution for any situation and she did very well in school. On every exam she either got an A or a B. Her parents were always very proud of her.

One day, an unexpected tragedy happened. A tree caught on fire and that burned down the whole neighborhood including the houses and trees. Celeste was roller skating in a park a few blocks away, and when she came back, everyone had fled already. Luckily, she had taken Fluff with her. The only thing she had left from her house was a gold chain bracelet, but everything else was burnt.

She felt nervous since she knew fully well that the only thing she had left was her bunny and her bracelet. The whole neighborhood was burnt and nobody except her and her bunny were there. Fluff gave her a questioning look. Celeste had never been scared or nervous a single time in her whole life except for right now. “What am I going to do?” Celeste asked quietly to her bunny. The bunny merely just looked at her. “Oh, I am so nervous.” Celeste whispered. “I will remain brave and strong, Fluff is still here with me and she is a bunny and I am a human, I am bigger and stronger than a small bunny.” she pep-talked to herself, trying to remain brave.

Suddenly, something on her wrist started to shine and sparkle. It was the gold bracelet she has been wearing! “Look!” Celeste said, as she crouched to show Fluff the shining bracelet. She felt the shine warm her body and then, suddenly, she felt very brave. Celeste understood, without thought, she whispered, “It’s a magical bracelet!”

Celeste had always worn the chain bracelet everywhere with her. It was her birthday gift from her mom and dad when she turned ten, and she has had it on her wrist for the last three years. “No wonder the gold did not become gray when it touched water.” Celeste thought. The gold chain was only about as thin as a centimeter. Celeste had worn the bracelet for three years, but yet, she never was told that it was magical! “It’s a magic bracelet!” Celeste whispered. Fluff looked up at Celeste with a confused look as if saying, ‘Oh, really?’

About the Author

Isabella F is a 10-year-old girl. She is about to go to fifth grade. Isabella loves tennis and writing. Her hobbies are reading and decorating.

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