By Pedro Calixtro C

The ground shook as two bright lights were heading to a forest near a city called Hi. Residents from the city Hi saw the two bright lights. They thought it was  two meteors but  this college student felt that something was wrong. 

As the two bright lights passed  and hit earth  two aliens  came out of  a spaceship.   One was tall and could make anything  with his skin. The other one was kind of short and slimy. The short alien had a mission and that mission was to kill the tall alien, but the short alien was nothing compared to the tall alien. 

Meanwhile, a college student named Tanjiro was at a Korean BBQ eating some spicy pork. While Tanjiro was eating his delicious meal the two aliens  were having an intense battle.  They are later disturbed by some fighter jets. The short alien was kicked away and almost fell into a volcano. The tall alien ran away. The short alien went south and the tall alien went north, heading to Tanjiro’s city.  

Once the tall alien got to Tanjiro’s city of Hi he destroyed the city in one punch.  Everyone died except Tanjiro. The tall alien continued his way up north  to conquer the north. 

Meanwhile  Tanjiro was crying because his house was gone, his friends were gone,  everything was gone, so he decided to take revenge. He got his sword and headed up north.  There was a small town which had  a tv  and there was news that two aliens fell from the sky.  Tanjiro was shocked  that  there were two aliens instead of one.  He had another mission to find the short alien  and team up  with him. 

In a secret laboratory they find out  that the tall alien can lay eggs.   There was an egg  that was about to hatch and a doctor that wanted to take all the credit so he ran away to a cave.  He saw a little damadog. It grew up quick and the little damadog  attacked the doctor and killed him. There was blood everywhere. 

Tanjiro found the dead body and near the dead body was the doctor. Tanjiro got his sword out and flames came out of the sword. The damadog ran rite towards him. Tanjiro sliced his head. The damadog was still alive for a couple minutes until he died of blood loss a couple minutes  later.  

  Later  there’s news that the north has been conquered by the tall alien.  It got dark so he decided to stay there for the night.  While he was sleeping he felt that something was watching him and he was right. It was the short alien that was watching him.  Tanjiro got his sword ready to attack. 

Once Tanjiro looked closely he recognized the short alien from the news. Tanjiro got to pet him and it was slimy. Wherever Tanjiro went, the short alien went.

  Meanwhile the president of the U.S. is having a meeting with the president of Brazil 

To build a secret base to keep the people safe and store food. also the president of the united state is sending spies to spy on the tall alien. 

Once  the tall alien heard that there were spies on his territory he got mad and headed south to Brazil. Tanjiro and the tall alien went with the president to talk about something. When he got there it was surrounded by military stuff. Tanjiro got in but not the short alien. He heard that the evil alien was hedging south so he went to help. 

Once Tanjiro and the short alien got to Brazil they saw a hawk above them. It was a hawk sent from the president to warn them about the tall alien’s plans. They waited a week for him and on the 7 day he came not by himself with demadog and damagorgan there was blood her blood there over 200 man died 600demadog died and over 1,000 demagorgon died humans won the fight    but it wasn’t done yet a man through a grenade and it hit the tall alien the tall alien was badly wounded the short alien kick the tall alien towards tanjiro and sliced the tall alien in half  and everybody lived happily ever after.

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