Kei Sova

By Kei Sova 

To you

You who tells me, my love is only for you

You who say that I’m worthless, imperfect and flawful

I bet you hate me.

I bet you hate me because you no longer  have me

Under  the endless webs of control and deceit

I no longer want you, 

Nor your worthless love.


You who say I’m sinful,

While you’re perfect

After all the years of doing what pleased you

Being a puppet of your use,

A being of your dispose.

Break me and build me up,

 just to ruin me.

I will no longer play your games.


For me, I will not listen to you, 

To  your nonsense any longer

I will not chase after your heart

But will try to heal mine

I have overcome you.

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