Me to Time

By Vicky Li

Well, little one, I’ll tell you:

Time doesn’t always wait for you

It is precious

It is limited

It is valuable

And it’s terrifying

Sometimes we can get sucked into Time itself

Needing to be somewhere, 

Missing a deadline

Running late

It feels like Time is suffocating you

Not letting go of you  

And you can never make Time for what you love

But Time is just a number

It has no potential power

Without the numbers it would just be you

So, don’t you try racing the clock

Don’t you keep chasing pavements

Slow down 

Watch your moments 

Connect from one to the next

Add layers to the painting

Enjoy the ride

One day you will realize what a beautiful masterpiece you created

For I’m still patient 

I’m still accepting Time doesn’t always wait for you

About the Author

Vicky is an incoming freshman from San Francisco. Although reading books is not quite her cup of tea, she enjoys reading and writing poetry.

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