My Mayor is a Monster

By Ava M

Chapter 1




My brown cowboy boots made a somewhat loud sound on the cracked, gray sidewalk. I was trudging home the long way from school, hoping that the stinky odor would fade. I glanced down at my green plaid dress, wrinkling my nose at the smell. The school bully, Anise, had catapulted a slice of blue cheese square in my chest with a plastic spork, making me smell bad.  A loud meow interrupted my thoughts. I stopped walking and squatted down. I smirked. I’m just imagining stuff. I thought. 

 Then I spotted a maine coon kit, one that was most likely lost. I opened my lunchbox, and held out the one crispy lamb chop that still had meat on it. The maine coon sniffed it, licked it, and finally, started to chomp on it. I studied the cat. The muscle arrangement  on the kit looked feminine-not that there was a lot of muscle. Her puffy fur color was grayish green, like a mossy stone, with brown stripes on her well defined ribs, and speckles of goldish cinnamon on her constantly flicking tail. 

“ Hey, I want to name you Flower!” I unconsciously smirked again.

About the Author

Ava M lives in Virginia with her mom, twin brother, and 2 cats. She loves swimming and tennis. Ava loves writing fiction, specifically fantasy.

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