The Realm Of Monsters

By Wesley N

Chapter 1: The Portal

Summer was here and flower beds were blooming. It was daytime and I was walking in the woods. It was a bright sunny day with a cool breeze and the trees were green. As I was walking I heard birds chirp and the leaves were rustling. That’s when I spotted a peculiar creature. A centaur was eating a bunch of leaves. “What are you doing here?”I asked. 

“There was a magical portal between the realm of humans and monsters,”it said. The portal just appeared next to me and I went inside. My surroundings suddenly went  pure white and I was beginning to fall. I came to a stop unexpectedly as I landed on my back. Just then a strange egg appeared beside me. There was a note attached to it that read, the creature inside the egg has an amazing power so raise it well until it matures. Suddenly the egg was cracking and a dragon that was the size of my kitchen chair appeared before my eyes. At that moment there was a feeling of fear that had risen inside me as I did not know what was going to happen next. 

The new born dragon asked,”Where are you from?”. I was very surprised it could talk. It took me a few moments to digest before responding back. 

“I-I am from the realm of humans,” I sputtered. 

The dragon smiled slightly. 

“What is it like in this realm of humans you come from?” it asked.

“There are no talking dragons in the realm of humans. In fact there are no dragons at all!,” I proclaimed.

“Do you have a name?” I asked. 

“Sadly, I don’t yet,” it said

“Do you have a name?” it asked    

“My name is Steven,”I said. 

Just then, there was a sudden wave of air that swooped by us. It had the force that made me fall on one knee and my eyes were squinting. The dragon held up one of its wings to cover itself as it looked away.   

The wave of air had finally come to an end.  There was a voice coming from the path ahead of us. The unknown voice was not a frightening tone but instead rather calm.  We decided to continue towards the path of where the unknown voice was coming from. There was a giant creature known as a chimera which appeared before us. 

I read books about these creatures known as a chimera.  They are two headed creatures with the similarity of a lion’s face and body structure except it’s fused with white angel-like wings.   

“What are you doing here?” the chimera asked. 

“I am from the realm of humans and had arrived here through a magical portal,”I answered. 

“Can you help me find my way back to my realm?”  I asked. 

“The only way to get back to the realm of humans is to find the golden wand”, the chimera said. “To  find it, one must go through the deep dark forest, get past Mount Doom, and defeat all the monsters of the East,” it added. 

“Can you take me to the East?” I asked. 

“You seem very determined to succeed. I shall aid you on your journey to the East,”the chimera said. 

“Then let’s go!” I said

“I will join you too, Steven,” said the dragon. 

My attention shifted towards the dragon that I sensed it truly wanted to help. At this point I noticed it had beautiful and shiny scales in red. 

“I will call you Red if that is fine with you.” I said.

The dragon nodded. “Red.” it said with a smile.  

Chapter 2: Mount Doom

As soon as Red and I climbed on the chimera’s back, we took off and flew into the deep dark forest. We were almost reaching the end when something tumbled down the road.

“Look out!,”I yelled.


“It’s fireballs!,”the chimera said.

“Take cover!,”I said.

We scrambled behind a few large bluders, but fireballs kept blasting the boulders so they would break easily.  Finally, the fireballs stopped coming and we went directly to the five lanes of dismay.

“Which lane should we go to?” I asked.

“Let’s go to the one on the far right,”the chimera said determingly.

So they went in and a demon was waiting for them.

“Ah, Steven. Just the person whom I was looking for,”the demon  said

Chapter 3: The Big Battle

Suddenly, a diamond sword appeared in my hand and gold armor started to appear around me.

“I have a sword!”, I said. 

“Great, now let’s fight!”, Red said.

“Do you think it would be that easy to defeat me?!” the demon asked as a long silver trident began to appear.

“No, but at least we know how to fight!,”Red yelled.

Suddenly, the demon rushed forward to hit me, but I caught the trident and swung the demon in circles and threw him to the sky. 

I suddenly felt tremendous power radiating in his body.

“What’s going on with me?!”,I asked.

“We’re on the Path of Eternity, which gives us great power” , the chimera said.

“Well, I suppose I should defeat this demon”, I said.

I slammed my sword into the demon’s body and he dissolved into dust.

“Finally”, I said.

“Um Steven, I’m growing taller now”, Red said.

“We’re at the point of evoulution”, the chimera said.  

Now Red was over 8 feet tall.

Chapter 4: The Mutated Crocodiles and Reapers

Suddenly mutated crocodiles appear!

“Let me handle this”,red said.

Now Red was putting crocodiles in flames without stopping, but the last crocodile was almost as big as Red. They were both evenly matced. They were constantly slashing at each other when the crocodile was about to open its mouth to bite Red’s neck. Red blasted fire into the crocodile’s mouth and an explosion happened.

“That was fun”, Red said. 

“Next time please don’t do that,”I said, pointing at my smoking armor.

“We’re entering the cliffs of panic,”the chimera said.

Just then reapers came and blocked the ledge so we couldn’t jump from rock to rock.

“Charge!,”I yelled.

I began to hit reapers, but the big boss came in last. 

“We’re going to have to do one tremendous blow to defeat the reaper,”I said.

Then I slammed my sword and Red jabbed the reaper.  I collided with the reaper and kept stabbing it with my gleaming sword. The reaper pushed me aside and was going to use its scythe to defeat Red.  Red dodged and the reaper flew to Red. Then Red tackled the reaper and tossed the scythe away.  Finally, the reaper ran away into the sky.

“Can you fly us across this cliff?” I asked the chimera.

“I’m afraid I cannot,”the chimera said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because you can only jump from rock to rock,”it said.

We began to jump,but when we got to the last rock the rock began to fall apart.

“Help!,”I yelled.

“I’m coming!,”the chimera said.

The chimera swooped down to rescue me just in time before the whole entire rock fell apart.

We finally got across and we were nothing but relieved.

There standing on a pedestal was the golden wand.

“We’ve found it!,”I said.

I made a portal with the wand and left with Red.

“Do you want to come, too?” I asked the chimera.

“I sure would like to!, he said exitingly.

“To home!,”I said.

We got back to my house and I made room for Red and the chimera.

“Good night,”I said and we went to sleep. 

About the Author

Wesley is advancing to fourth grade this fall and currently attending West Portal Lutheran School in California. He loves writing adventure books, and his favorite author is J.K Rowling. Wesley also loves playing baseball, basketball, coding video games, draws sketches and handcraft. When he grows up, he wants to be a computer engineer or a scientist. In his spare time, He loves listening to music, and loves playing the piano. Wesley is also a pokemon card collector.

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