Category: Summer 2021

  • Avocados, Y’all! by Mishka, Alexa and Sambhav (advertisement)

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  • Plastic in the Ocean by Alexa Swanson (slide show)

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  • I Am by Ariana Daya

    ************ I am a pinprick of light Shining through the black polluted sky, I am a fish in a dangerous ocean But I long to be a bird free to fly. I want to be purple – beautiful, bright, bold, But I am sea green And I fear I will never be more. I feel […]

  • This is the Truth by Ava Behjat Bava

    This is the Truth  Poem by Ava Behjat Bavar ************ My Heart is a pinprick of Love set inside of the sleeping Light whispering words in the void of Time. I start to understand the mystery of Hope, Faith, and Love as I start to uncover myself from the blankets and chains. I understand now, […]

  • The Uninvited Guests by April L.

    The Uninvited Guests by April L. June 25, 2021 ************ Ben Kamp lived with his little sister, Sally, and their parents in Marietta, Georgia. Their yellow house had a gurgling fountain and a balcony where you could see the blossoming tree that the childrens’ cat, John, liked to sit under. It was all quite nice, […]

  • In Palm Springs by Baylei Wilson

    In Palm Springs (A story in 66 words) By Baylei Wilson ************ In palm springs with my family. We went everywhere. We went to the water park  and it was fun. When we were at the resort  it was a golf course. It was not fun in 115 degrees. It was me and my friend. We […]

  • Adventures in Amlanzia by Bethany Wu

    ************ Unfinished Pg – Woo Beth. 1 of Adventures in Amlanzia : Book 1 (undecided title) ************ Bethany Wu is a writer and artist. She roams the diverse San Franciscan forests for ideas and inspiration. This is her first book.

  • My Happy Place by Charlize Arriola

    ************ Worlds constructed in my mind’s eye fantastical creations  of thought. Words float up  from a page of hundreds Twirling around my head. Sometimes I spy Heroes, villains Playing tag across my eyelids. I look into the life of another Then become them. I laugh with fairies, elves, and gnomes, I battle with swords pulled […]

  • Piano Man by Daphne Gilman

    Piano Man (A short story based on the song “Piano Man” by Billy Joel) Daphne Gilman The bar is exactly as I remember it. The walls are sagging in on themselves, the mortar between bricks melting over the fire, edges of tables chipped from drunken brawls. I glance at my half-broken watch, worn from my […]

  • The Cave That Conceals All by Elena Wu (excerpt from the book)

    ************ “Look!” I heard a little five-year old girl’s shrill screech in the middle of the dessert shop.  My mother was still in the bathroom. The little girl was pointing to the window. I heard a few other people near the window gasp such loudly that I was sure it could have woken me up […]