Category: Summer 2021

  • The Nightmare Road Trip by Elise Gallup

    ************ The Wilkins had decided to go on a road trip for the summer. There was Mom, Dad,  Sarah, who was 13 and Jaime who was 10. They started packing 2 days before leaving, they weren’t prepared. Sarah and Jaime fought often. They barely got their stuff in the car in time so they could […]

  • Anxiety by Harper Mulholand

    ************ Anxiety One word Don’t mistake the power of it  Stronger than many  She makes everything feel extreme. Anxiety comes and goes, as mysterious as ever. When you’re in her presence she consumes your thoughts; it seems as if no good memories or feelings can be seen. When her friends show up (Loneliness and sadness) […]

  • The Curse of the Ghost Schooner by Joshua Gallup

    ************ CAPTAIN TORY Captain Tory has heard of a legend that if you shake your lantern three times, a ghost schooner would appear. Every hundred years. So he did it, and the ghost ship appeared. But captain tory did not know that this was a curse. Lightning struck the mast of his ship and he […]

  • The Kidnaping of Fury by Jyo Byrne

    ************   This felt nice. The warm rays of sun falling on Goose’s back, and the soft sound of typing. She peeked her eyes open. Yup, Fury was still sitting behind his desk like he had been for the past two hours, still silently working, still safe. Goose stood up and stretched, jumping off the […]

  • Where I May Appear by Kai Bay Otten

    ************ “Ack!” A gasp escapes my lips as I hit the hardwood floor. “I beat the prince! I beat him!”, cheering erupts from behind me. “Yes, I suppose you did, young Warrior,” I push myself up, wincing. Seems I’m not quite as in shape as I thought. Tréa would have seen that fake. It was […]

  • The New Kid by Karen Teranishi

    The New Kid (Art and Story) By Karen Teranishi ************ When I arrived at my new second-grade class, I was excited. There was a new play structure to play with, new classmates to meet, and new friends to make. The teacher asked this girl sitting a few seats away from me to show me around […]

  • “A Mile Away” by Katie Dolev (excerpt from book)

    ************  I lie down on the dandelion seed stuffed mattress. There is a small hole in the hollow where I can see the stars. I spot the big ice cream scooper. I wonder what it tastes like. Ice cream, I mean. Not the stars. I hope I’m not missing out. I look at the stars […]

  • Buried Below by Kika Dunayevich

    ************ The steel dome was freezing cold. An opening in the ceiling weeped light into the structure below, allowing hairlike strands of mist to dangle inside. Below, the meandering confines of an immense glass tank were scratched by a flurry of fingernails, seeming to pulse and quiver before the eyes. A clump of matted grey […]

  • I, Darkness by Layth Handoush

    ************ “Regents, get your ass out of that chair and come to my office. Now.”  My boss’s eloquent speech wakes me from my thoughts, and I quickly follow him to his office. I sit in the polyester chair on the other side of his dull white-gray desk that blends perfectly with the sterile walls and […]

  • Home Is…. by Lucia Aguilar

    Home is… By Lucia Home is the empanadas fresh from the oven covered in sugar. The cinnamon and milk filling that is warm when you bite into it, a blanket for your tongue. The fun of making them together and laughing when one of them ends up looking funny and still keeping it and putting […]