A Rock is a Moon by Siya Kumar

Course Name: Joy of Art Journaling: Interactive Writing Workshop 


A Rock is a Moon

This rock that I found in my backyard looks like a moon. It looks like a circular, different colored shape. When you look at this rock in real life, you see that it has a line coming down, the line goes around the rock. It also has holes all over. It has a crack on one side and if you look at it closely it has a rough surface. It is also quite heavy. It is one of those normal rocks that you would find anywhere, It has different tones of color. This might also look like the moon because the holes on rock look like the craters on the moon. That’s pretty much all about this interesting rock. 

Storytelling Magic 

It’s an icy cold winter and all of the animals are gathering at the cabin. When they enter they only see a dead moose’s body that was trying to run to the fire. The owl flies into the tree that had broken through the cabin window. The fox jumps on the couch and tries to sleep. The skunk is warming his belly from all those days of sleeping in the icy cold snow. As the wolf settles down near the corner of the cabin, they hear a rumble of snow collapsing on the cabin. The skunk says, “at least we are in a warm cabin.”

This is abstract art


Siya, age 9, loves reading books and writing stories with twists. She enjoys sports and hiking with her dad. She is quite adventurous. She loves arts and crafts.  

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