Summer 2021 Issue

It’s an Ambush! Youth Writers take over the BAWP DigitalPaper!

Participants from the 2021 BAWP Summer Youth programs (YWC and High School Writing Courses) were invited to submit a polished piece of written work for consideration to be published in the Youth Ambush edition of the BAWP DigitalPaper.

Interested writers were asked to revise and edit their piece of writing before submitting for consideration.

Each year we are amazed at the writing that comes out of our summer camps and courses. With that in mind we wanted to create a platform for our young writers to showcase their pieces to a wider audience. Finding a real audience is also a factor leading to the development of a writing identity.

Please enjoy their pieces linked to the right of this page.

BAWP Youth Program administrators, instructors, and students know that personal respect is the foundation of learning. Language, comments, or images that show a lack of respect for individuals or groups were not considered.

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