Summer 2022

Lifting Youth Voices

This collection is a celebration of our youth writers and their best work from the 2022 season. We are extremely excited about the future of literature.

Well done writers!

Best in Season

This year our program established a “Best in Season” honor. We introduce to you Saniya and her exceptional personal narrative, The Owl’s Messenger. The author wowed the committee with her ability to craft, with such authenticity, the beautiful and painful moments of intimate family life.

The Owl’s Messenger

by Saniya M

Summer 2022 Finalists

The submissions are organized in alphabetical order by author first name.

The Takeover

by Iris W


by Isabella F

Wild Adventure

by Estrella L & Calixtro C

fire and gold

by julie w

The Corporation

by Lillo C


by Kate P-B

Kei Sova

by Kei Sova


by Pedro C-C

End of Time

by Séo V-K

Minecraft Story

by Shreya G

Me to Time

by Vicky L


by Vivienne J

The Realm of Monsters

by Wesley N

I Crushed Him

by Yushan


by Zoe G


These were submitted by writers from a class of newcomer students. As part of learning, English students focused on storytelling through dialogue. The following films are contain work done by the students during a 4 week course, where students meet 3 times a week for 3 hours. The videos themselves were done over 3 days.

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