I Am Michelle by Michelle McAfee (teacher)


I Am Michelle

I am Michelle, daughter of Phyllis and Travis,
Sister of Michael and Monica,
Mother of Nolan and Alessio,
Friend and Ally
Celestially infused with word weavers everywhere.

I am Michelle, life force,
emanating golden hues like our life source
living, absorbing and growing while surfing the waves
of rolling gold, unbleached California hills.

Michelle, descendent of diamonds and gold beyond an Ivory Coast brimming
with ancestral stories of power, royalty,
lions and lovers, glyphs and astronomers,
pyramids and ancient wonders…
from a people conquered and colonized
who still continue to Rise.

I am the child, Mickey, still young, always young, forever young
loving life’s whimsical moments,
admiring art, living in art,
feeling and moving to a mystical rhythm,
dancing life,
and wondering why
it’s not so blissful beyond the confines of my mind.

I am Michelle, soul sister to Lori, my complement,
who compliments and uncomplicates the tangles – 
          soul sister to every African descendent,
          every African misplaced,
          every African in place.
          I am soul.
          I am Michelle.

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