I Am Poem by Maeve Tran


I Am Poem 


Maeve Tran

I am proud after dance practice,

I am sweating after non-stop conditioning,

I am the sore feet from dancing for hours,

I am proud to have come this far in dance.

I am jumping up and down, warming up my muscles,                                     

I am lacing up my shoes, my hands working miracles,

I am having my dressed zipped up, my hair getting fixed, and pinning on my number card, 

I am lining up on the stage, taking one more deep breath before the music starts. 

I am spinning, smiling, as I dance my way through the music. 

I am the emotions that are inside of me,

I feel pain of my sore muscles,

I feel happiness when I known I have danced my best,

I feel proud to have recalled at a big competition,

I feel brave and strong as I step on to the stage.


Maeve Tran lives in Marin County with her mom, dad, two older sisters and grandmother. She is an incoming 7th Grader at Mark Day School.

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