Ode to Pencil by Sanae N. M.



You’re are such a small thing,

Yet you have such a life! 

You help the most famous writers,

become what they are now,

or what they become in the future!

You are the thing that artists 

can always count on,

being the draft that makes

the most beautiful drawing.

You are the actual handprint

of that family recipe,

passed on from generation

to generation.

But you, pencil, are more important

than the most valuable piece of writing, 

than the beautiful painting, 

than the most yummiest recipe,

because you 

wrote it,

drew it,

hand-printed it,

and that will inspire us all!

Credit: Sanae N. M. 


Sanae N. M. lives in the United States of America. She likes eating sushi, ramen and tofu-tuna patties. She also likes baking. 

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