Home Is…. by Lucia Aguilar

Home is…


Home is the empanadas fresh from the oven 
covered in sugar.
 The cinnamon and milk filling that is warm when you bite into it, 
a blanket for your tongue.
 The fun of making them together and laughing 
when one of them ends up looking funny and still keeping it and putting it in the oven.
Home is the blue couch, 
even if it seems black.
 With a blanket on the back and where you sit. 
Sitting with my family and
 watching shows and movies together. 
A cloud where I relax while 
and just taking a nap. 
Throwing the couch cushions back and forth with my brother.  

Home is the spanish language
The language I've heard since I was born.
 My home language
 My family speaks the beautiful language
 It's a language I've always known. 
The beautiful things that come from knowing the language.
 The music, 
the people, 
the books 
the places. 
My mom calling me flaca, and chelene. 
Home is everything that you enjoy
 or that you know from your family.
 It can be a blanket
 or a show that you enjoy with your family.
 It can be a song
 or a saying.
 Home is everywhere you want it to be. 

Lucia likes reading after a long day and enjoys drawing her favorite characters from books and shows. She also appreciates hiking, running, and baking.

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