This is the Truth by Ava Behjat Bava

This is the Truth 

Poem by Ava Behjat Bavar


My Heart is a pinprick of Love set inside of the sleeping Light whispering words in the void of Time.

I start to understand the mystery of Hope, Faith, and Love as I start to uncover myself from the blankets and chains.

I understand now, that I am the bridge between myself and Existence- the unbroken chords of a stringed instrument called ‘the Heart’

Every exhale is the grief that has bloomed within me, but as I near closer unto Life’s single Promise to me, I wonder again and again the meaning of our Lives- of my Life.

As I conjure the wonderful spirit of my felicity, Light has split me in two parts.

To open my Heart, I must break it.

Sing the songs of the Beloved, my Words aren’t vows, but the soft poetry of my voice landing upon your eyes in return.

Oh, how I am Whole and One! Blissful ways of the sun and moon!

I will not disassemble my feelings and hide them away under the carpet or behind my veil.

My friends call me “Avs”

My friends call me “Avocado”

My friends call me “A”

My friends call me “Einstein”

My friends call me “Avolo”

I saw a world amidst in the sea

The Sea of Life

The World of Peace

But what world unto Peace would surrender into Hope?

How could all the people sing together in harmony of Love?

What Peace could let the two roads of Science and Religion come together?

How could a world that wonderful exist?

Do not be frightened to see this night come, there is a moon.

And so when life and death finally talk to each other they look and sob, saying, “Darling, how can I make you happier?”

Extend your hand my friend, and together we shall fly!

Separation is the illusion between you and me.

The difference is widely known that there is no difference!

The apple was One, until the woman bit into it.

The world was One, until the blade was pushed into a beating Heart.

I was One, until I entered this Life, so I am to find myself one day.

Little halo, little halo around the moon, speak unto me- I have been trying to understand you.

I beg a million doves to perch upon my ink-stained hands every morning.

I yearn for the wind to blow through my hair and throw me off my feet.

Part the waves, part the Heart in two.

Some people call me “Iran”

Some people call me “Little girl”

Some people call me “The ambitious and intelligent student”

Some people call me “Terrorist”

Some people call me “Beautiful woman”

Some people call me “The witty and wise daughter”

Some people call me “Brown girl”

I wish you madness, peace, foolishness, destiny, craziness, and Love.

Knitted among the muddled clouds lies a sleeping sun, unaware of the anarchy below.

The sun says, “Oh dear, what are those tiny things doing?”

And humans upon humans clammer and say at the same time, “What should we do about that sun?”

Stars in the sea.

Sea in the stars.

I am not the drop, I am the entire ocean that has sails unleashing their masts over her body.

I like how the flower grows, it takes time.

What a patient time.

So patient that a World is grown inside of it as a reward.

I am a circle on the map that Fate has made.

I want the lips of daring swallows to plant eggs in the cupping of my hands.

I am here- I exist

They tried to crush me under the weight of a hundred heroic promises that can never be made true.

But I used my voice to scream from the guts of Infinite Existence itself, that now shines with joy through the eye of aspiration and releases us from the chains of judgement.

Watch Me Dance

For I only know One God, the God that says four words over and over again, “Come Dance with Me”

Fear not, for the sky’s mouth is kind and so is it’s song,

Because I sing it to life

My cousins call me “dadash”, a younger, kind, and clever family member.

My aunts call me “parandeh” bird.

My uncles call me “Ahu” smart, but it also means little deer.

My grandmothers call me “asal” honey.

My grandfathers call me “dana” , a genius and wise one.

My mother calls me “ghorboonet” to die for.

My father calls me “gholam” , my flower.

My brother calls me “Sheer” Lion.

Turning toward what I deeply Love saved me

But there is no more need to cry- because I told myself that My Soul is somewhere else- not here, but I will to end up there, so I have started the Journey

I want to Dance until I shatter myself

I won’t worship statues, I worship me and my Light

Love has befriended me so completely I have turned to ash and have freed myself of every thought and concept I had ever told my mind to know.

My mystery is my Love. I have to find myself, so I can Be. I am a bird, I sing without care of society. I am a bird, I cannot be weighed down by the gravity of darkness, for my Love lifts me.

Why else did the rose open itself? Why else does the sun rise every morning? Why else do we look in the mirror? Because we feel Hope’s encouragement against our being!

You are more than this. You are the ecstatic Light waiting to be seen among the fullness of the universe. No need to fiddle with the past and become erstwhile- you are freed!

Be engulfed in the serenity of Light. If you want your mystery, do not run from Love.

I wish that one day Hope could cradle my senses and wash them away, so I can never worry about them again.

I’m the ocean, sometimes.

These foamy waves only arise on the shore.

These creatures stay hidden below.

The gleaming sun and moon encourage them to some out and sing true.

Soft breaths of strings whisper into my eyes.

A chord breaks before my mouth.

The symphony comes together.

A bird flaps its wings in the dark and from that sound, I awaken to see Light.

My Love cannot be defined by the blackness of shadow, but by the Hope of a new sunrise. I am not a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, a Buddhist, or a Hindu. I am not a man or a woman. I cannot not be defined. I am Ava and I am a Sufi from Iran- the astonishing and Eternal Light of the universe in ecstatic motion. This is the Truth.


Ava is a twelve year old first generation Iranian who adores these main passions more than anyone on the face of this planet: writing/reading, science, philosophy, mythology, history, art, traveling, and activism. She loves them all equally and also wants to get into those passions as professions. She lives with her parents and her younger brother in California.

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