The Kidnaping of Fury by Jyo Byrne



This felt nice. The warm rays of sun falling on Goose’s back, and the soft sound of typing. She peeked her eyes open. Yup, Fury was still sitting behind his desk like he had been for the past two hours, still silently working, still safe. Goose stood up and stretched, jumping off the window sill, her paws hitting the concrete floor with a soft clatter. She walked over to Fury’s dark brown wood desk towards the back of the room and hopped up on to it, pushing the ‘Nick Fury’ name plate up against his computer. She stood there expectantly waiting for him to notice her. To her annoyance he just kept right on typing, not once looking at her. She added a soft “meow”, and rubbed her head against his arm. For this she earned a couple head scratches, but that was it. Now she was starting to get really annoyed. She meowed slightly louder and sat there with what she thought was a cross expression on her face. Fury sighed quietly before picking her up, and to Goose’s surprise, putting her down on the floor. 

So ungrateful! Goose thought to herself. I gave him a chance to pet me, and have fun with me, and he completely disregarded me! She raised her head, puffed up her chest, and angrily stomped back over to her window sill, laying her head on her paws. Suddenly, she smelled something really weird, like a mixture of metal and, well, she didn’t know what the other smell was. Where was it coming from? Why? WHY did it have to happen just now? She had just laid down! Ugh! She slowly got up and walked around the room before stopping in front of the door. The smell was definitely coming from there. She meowed noisily, trying to get Fury’s attention, but he still didn’t look over. How am I supposed to let him know something is off if he ignores me? she angrily thought. The foul stench seemed to be getting closer and closer. Goose tried again, this time meowing at the top of her lungs.

“What is it Goose?” Fury asked, finally looking over. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Fury glanced at Goose before standing up to answer it. Goose had a bad feeling about this. What kind of thing could smell so bad? Wasn’t Fury concerned about the stench? Didn’t he smell it? Then Goose saw that he had his hand around the gun in his suit pocket, just in case. Thinking that it would be a good idea for her to be prepared too, Goose backed up a little bit and positioned herself in a crouch, readying herself to release her tentacles. 

Since Goose was a flerkan, an alien species that look like cats, she had giant turquoise tentacles stored in a pocket dimension inside of her stomach. The pocket dimension was also full of all the items she had swallowed over the years, including some people. She also had very strong senses as well, much stronger than humans, allowing her to smell the metallic scent before Fury.

Fury moved towards the door, swinging it open, and quickly stepped back. Behind the door frame were a group of five purple creatures. They looked to be a humanoid species, with two arms and two legs like humans, but you could tell they weren’t human. They all had rough lavender skin and dark brown eyes, their bald heads covered in tattoos. All of them wore long sleeved dark purple tunics outlined with red, that went all the way down to their ankles. Goose wasn’t sure whether they were wearing anything underneath, and honestly she didn’t want to know. All five of the creatures were very tall, ranging from around six to six and a half feet. Two of them had metal shields, and the rest of them held metal staffs. Goose noticed that the shields had images of mountain goats carved onto them. Strange, she thought to herself. The tallest of the group spoke up in a heavy accent, “Are you Nicholas Fury?”

“That depends who’s asking,” Fury replied cautiously.

One of the purple humanoids spoke to the tallest one, who seemed to be the leader of their group, in what Goose guessed was their native language, and then pointed to the name plate on Fury’s desk. The tallest purple humanoid then stomped their foot and made a screeching noise. 

All of a sudden, dozens more of these humanoids stormed in making strange noises while running towards Fury with their weapons in hand. When it became clear that they were not there to become friends, Fury whipped out his gun, and fought them as best he could, Goose helping as well. Grabbing them with her tentacles, Goose swallowed many of the humanoids and knocked out even more. But as they were fighting, more and more of the creatures kept coming through the door, and Goose soon saw that Fury had been knocked out, and was being carried away by two of them. She tried to find a way to get to him, but now all the purple humanoids were looking her way, and had started advancing towards her.

Thoughts flew through Goose’s mind as she slowly backed into a corner of the office, the humanoids surrounding her. How could she get to Fury? Could she jump over them? They were too tall. Their stances were wide… She could go in between their legs! Should she run to Fury after she made it out the door? If she – nope! Not going to think like that! She had no plan, there were too many of them. If she went to Fury they could both end up getting captured. Fine, first she needed to escape, then come up with a plan, then get Fury back!

As she finished this thought, Goose started to run, zipping left and right, going faster and faster. None of the purple creatures were quick enough to grab her through their legs before she was out the door. Luckily she had seen that the purple humanoids that had taken Fury had gone out the door to the right, so she zoomed left, running down the staircase located at the end of the hallway till she got to the first floor. She then jumped out the first open window she saw into the planter below it. She had gotten past the first step, escape. Now to come up with a plan!


Jyo (Jo) is a 7th grader who lives in SF with her parents, and is constantly dreaming up weird and exciting adventures!

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