The Curse of the Ghost Schooner by Joshua Gallup



Captain Tory has heard of a legend that if you shake your lantern three times, a ghost schooner would appear. Every hundred years. So he did it, and the ghost ship appeared. But captain tory did not know that this was a curse. Lightning struck the mast of his ship and he scrambled to safety as his ship was sinking.“Jeepers! I’ve summoned a cursed ship!” He exclaimed. Then the ghost took his lantern. Then Captain Tory realizes that the lantern is how it will get the ghost to go away. He warns the town about the ghost, but they laugh because it’s a legend that “doesn’t exist.” 


Captain Tory sailed to this port to meet with his buddies. He knew of this legend, and one of his friends told him to do it. So he walks home through the rough cobblestone streets. He goes to bed, hoping that the ghost on the schooner would be gone. Wrong. The Ghost haunted his dreams with screams and his ship sinking from lightning. He woke up in a cold sweat the next day. “I have got to get my hands on that darned lantern!” he said. But the ghost haunted his life too. His doors were locked, as well as windows, and the ghost showed up and said gleefully, “Looking for these?” He shakes the captain’s keys. “My keys!” He exclaims. “Why are you doing this?”

The ghost looks at him. “I will tell you.


 A hundred years ago, I was a sailor just like you. I was out near this bay, when a huge schooner came and destroyed mine. I looked, and it was my friend. He had betrayed me. 

My ship sank, with me in it. I swore to take revenge on anyone who swung a lantern three times, because that’s what he did as he sank my ship. The ship you have is the one he had. So I thought he was on this ship. And You are a descendant of my enemy. So I cursed you. AND THE CURSE WILL GO ON- HEY! GIVE ME BACK THAT LANTERN! 


Captain  Tory snatches the lantern from the ghost’s grip and scurries back to the harbor with the ghost following closely behind him. As he tripped on the rocks, he got cornered near the ledge of the dock.  “Goodbye.” he shook his head. He shook the lantern three times, and the ghost and schooner slowly disappeared into the night. “Noooooooooo” The ghost was never seen again. Captain Tory forbids any sailor from doing it. But soon, many people did it. The town became a ghost town. Only the ghost from the schooner and ghosts of the other humans inhabited it.



I am 11 years old and I like writing 4 page fantasy “novels.”

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