Anxiety by Harper Mulholand



One word

Don’t mistake the power of it 

Stronger than many 

She makes everything feel extreme.

Anxiety comes and goes, as mysterious as ever.

When you’re in her presence she consumes your thoughts; it seems as if no good memories or feelings can be seen.

When her friends show up (Loneliness and sadness)

show up, they infiltrate your mind. They’re a team – a horrible team – only one other team can stop them.

Anxiety’s strategy is to always be there but hidden; when you show weakness she strikes.

The one other team that can defeat anxiety’s team:

Bravery’s team.

Bravery’s team is made up of Bravery, Joy,and Hope.

Anxiety is often defeated by them but her nemesis is bravery. 

Anxiety has a face that looks feelingless; she never lets her emotions show. She has hair that sticks out on one side.

Her hair is an unexplainable color; it’s the color that bring back horrible memories of hurt

But when you’re in anxiety’s presence, just call upon hope and bravery and joy.


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