The Nightmare Road Trip by Elise Gallup


The Wilkins had decided to go on a road trip for the summer. There was Mom, Dad,  Sarah, who was 13 and Jaime who was 10. They started packing 2 days before leaving, they weren’t prepared. Sarah and Jaime fought often. They barely got their stuff in the car in time so they could leave. 

Sarah and Jaime started bickering as soon as they got in the car. Sarah said “Jaime is in the middle of the back-seat” 

“No I’m not” said Jaime! 

Mom and Dad couldn’t stop them. 

In 15 minutes Sarah had to go to the bathroom. Mom and dad said they couldn’t find a gas station for another 10 miles so she’d have to wait for a few minutes. 

Sarah peed in her pants because mom and dad had no sense of direction. 

They arrived at a gas station, got gas and zoomed away. They left Jaime in the bathroom! He called after them but they didn’t hear him. 

He figured sooner or later they would come for him. About 15 minutes away Mom and Dad realized they had left Jaime there and went back to get him.

 As they were driving on the freeway they got a flat tire. They forgot the spare at home! 

“Well what will we do!” said Mom. 

Dad said we should try to get someone to help us. 

“Uh dad, we are on a deserted road.. Nobody had passed us in hours.” Said Sarah.

“Dad, are we lost?” 

“No, of course not Jaime.” 

Sarah and Jaime looked at each other as if to say “we’re lost aren’t we”. 

They waited in the car for hours and sooner or later they ran out of gas that meant they couldn’t use air conditioning.

After around 5 hours of waiting a car passed! Dad hailed them down and asked if he could tow them. 

The man said yes and towed the car to a gas station where everything was fixed.

 After the longest day they finally made it to their first destination, Phoenix, Arizona. 

They checked into the hotel, had some food and went straight to sleep. Sarah was wondering what would happen tomorrow if this much happened in one day…


Elise Gallup is 11 years old going into 6th grade. She is super silly.  She loves reading video games and sports.

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